Hey, making history is making history.

And the Red Sox did just this week, when they hit into a triple play. That’s rare enough, but this wasn’t just any old triple play.

Your 2023 Sox hit into a triple-play that had not occurred in a Major League game in 139 years. The chaos began when star infielder Tristan Casas hit a fly ball to centerfield that was caught. Instead of going back to first, another Sox player just kept on running.

When he got doubled-up, another Sox baserunner said: “You know what, I’m feeling lucky!” – then learned luck was not on his side. You can watch it all play out here:

What you witnessed was an 8-3-5 triple play (centerfielder to first baseman to third baseman). This hadn’t happened since 1884 – also, coincidentally, in New England, in a game between the Boston Beaneaters and Providence Grays.

Here's where it gets even creepier: the Beaneaters were the original incarnation of...the Boston (now Atlanta) Braves, according to the Society of American Baseball research.

There's just something about Fenway Park and triple-plays, as the Sox have been a magnet for this rare baseball feat. Gen Xers probably remember the night when the Red Sox hit into two identical triple plays in the same game against the Minnesota Twins.

On the bright side, millennials might recall the night shortstop John Valentin turned an unassisted triple play, then followed that up by hitting a home run to lead off the Red Sox half of the inning.

Gen Z, meanwhile, was treated to Rafael Devers channeling some of that 1990 energy to replicate the exact same play made twice in one game by the White Sox.

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