Our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron lets us in behind the scenes on what it's like when two major Boston sporting events are being broadcast simultaneously from the same building.

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins - Game Two

The Boston Bruins locked in an intense marathon of a playoff overtime periods while the first place Red Sox battle it out in a key divisional match up?

How does one building with two full crews handle all this madness at once?

Just as we're getting ready to go on the air, it's crazy, because we're all on one floor, sort of like The Office, with cubes everywhere.


Half the room is screaming because they're working the Bruins game and at the same time the other half is groaning because the Red Sox just gave up a home run.


It can get very strange.


- Tom Caron - Describing NESN Headquarters During A Bruins/Red Sox Mash Up

That isn't at all how I pictured NESN Headquarters. In my imagination, it looks more like a sports bar than it does the fictional office space of Dunder Mifflin.

With two crews co-existing with action packed games going on, it seems like they need a traffic cop or at least, a hall monitor to tell the Bruins guys to pipe down a bit while TC does a game break for The Red Sox broadcast.

Tonight's B's game starts at 6:30pm and The Sox will play in Philadelphia at 7:05pm.

I plan on hitting the 'Back' button on my remote even more tonight in hopes of hearing the Bruins crew in Watertown screaming during a quiet time of The Red Sox broadcast.

This is such a great time of the year!

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