Wareham Police officers had their hands full when a pig named “Brady” went on the lam.  Ham of the Lam, get it?

Okay, bad Dad joke right there.

CBS Boston reports that the officers literally lassoed the fugitive pig who was running down Fearing Hill Road in West Wareham. Fortunately, officers were in a police cruiser equipped with a rescue rope bag and were able to fashion a lasso to corral the fugitive pig.

It all went down around 7:45 pm when police responded to the call of a pig on the loose, according to the news station.  Brady’s owners were notified and quickly made their way to the scene of the capture.

CBS Boston states that the officers lured Brady in with dog treats before perfecting the lasso move to keep him contained until his owners could pick him up.

How in the world do you contain a 300-pound pig?

Apparently, Brady was none too pleased to be loaded into the back of pickup truck to be taken home.  More questions.  How in the world do you get a reluctant 300-pound pig into the back of a pickup truck?

At least the story has a happy ending and Brady is safely back home and no one was injured, the news station reported.

I’m sure Brady’s opinion of the story is very different.

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