Music Venue in Boston Closes Abruptly

Ya hate to see it.

A friend of ours had tickets to a show at the Rockwood Music Hall in Boston on April 30, 2024. Less than 24 hours before the show, she found out the venue – which just opened last summer – had permanently closed.

Our friend (as well as a Reddit thread) had heard complaints from bands not being paid by the venue.  The Reddit post does say that one band finally caught up with the owner, who did pay them, but it took some effort.

Jen Kearney, an incredible Boston-based (but should be worldwide) musician, was supposed to play there on May 30.  She has found a replacement venue, according to

It's a shame for all involved.  There's nothing like a live music venue, especially in a major city like Boston.  It give the artists a place to play their music in front of people who may download it, follow them, and support them so they can make more music.

Take Jen Kearney, for example.  I've been a fan of hers for quite some time.  We have a connection through Berklee College of Music.  She is wildly talented, and truly, everyone should know her name.

As an aside, Jen is a big fan of Stevie Wonder, and met him once.  That made her twice as cool in my book, and she's pretty cool to begin with.

Maybe Another Boston Music Venue in the Works?

I'm an optimist, so I'd like to think that the owner will pay every band that he owes money to.  I am also hopeful that there will be another small, cool venue for live music soon.  There ain't nothing like it.

Have you heard about bands not getting paid for gigs at other venues?

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