We are seeing so many fall festivities cancelled due to Covid-19.

However, Brenda Baker from Charlestown, New Hampshire, isn't letting the coronavirus kill her spirit. She has a Steven Tyler scarecrow singing about pumpkins in her yard.

She shared a photo on the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page and the response has been phenomenal!

Brenda Baker via U Local New Hampshire
Brenda Baker via U Local New Hampshire

YAY, Brenda! 5 stars for creativity! I love that he's raking while he sings. What an awesome touch.

A lot of people are asking in the comments where this scarecrow is so they can come see it in real life! I don't think Brenda should give her address because unfortunately, there are a lot of crazies out there. What if someone stole Steven in the dead of night? That would be tragic.

This has been such a sad and strange year, I love to see people, like Brenda, putting their energy into something festive, creative, and most importantly fun.

Do you have some hilarious or awesome Fall decorations up this year? Show us in the comments!

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