Whoever is in charge of naming a town or city has a big responsibility. It's like naming a child, but it affects more people. No one wants to live in a town with an embarrassing name like 'Dummer' (my apologies to any residents of Dummer who felt personally victimized by that statement. It's not your fault your town has a silly name).

And then there is all this pressure to come up with a unique town name; one that has never been done before. Whoever named our towns in New England gave up on that, and started swiping town names from that other England across the pond (like 'Manchester', 'Ipswich', and 'Gloucester', just to name a few!).

We have also been known to name towns after countries, which makes things a little confusing. Maine has a Norway, Poland, and Mexico. Vermont has a Peru! You catch my drift.

There is a town in New Hampshire that is extremely unique in the sense that you will never encounter another town with this name. Not in the U.S., and as a matter of fact, not anywhere else in the world!

I am referring to Henniker, New Hampshire (a.k.a the only Henniker on Earth).

Aside from being a charming and quaint New England town, Henniker is also known for their popular ski mountain, Pat's Peak:

They host tons of fun events for the whole family all winter long. When you're done hitting the slopes, you can replenish the calories with their famous cookie, which is a real crowd-pleaser that's bigger than your head:

The mountain also makes a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding:

Speaking of the Pat's Peak area, there's an AWESOME spot for pancakes practically right at the base of the mountain. The Intervale Farm Pancake House specializes in pancakes (duh), French Toast, waffles, and "Hungry Man's Breakfast". And of course, Intervale serves real maple syrup, a New Hampshire delicacy:

Henniker hasn't strayed too far from its roots. Many of the buildings downtown look exactly the same as they did 100 years ago.

And about 5,000 students call Henniker home every year while attending New England College:

Aside from being the only Henniker on Earth, the town of Henniker brings a lot to the table! Swing by the next time you find yourself in Merrimack County!

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