This morning, Jonathan read this frightnening article about the health risks associated with Daylight Saving Time which made me immediately remember my article suggesting a drastic change from last year. Now that it's a matter of public safety, it needs to be implemented right away!

I think I have a brilliant solution for the people who always forget to set their clocks ahead for daylight savings. The "Spring Ahead" adjustment poses the most problems, because if you forget to do it, you will be an hour late for work on Monday.

If we were to move the clocks ahead at 4pm EST on Friday, I guarantee NOBODY would ever forget it, and it'd be embraced as a new semi-holiday!

Speaking of parties, the "Fall Behind" move could not be anymore perfect than it is right now. It always seems to hit the date closest to our Shark Halloween party aboard The MV Thomas Laighton in Portsmouth. A very opportune weekend to be given an extra hour indeed!