Great News! We spring ahead this weekend! Now I have another hour of daylight to stare at 10 foot snow drifts and icicles that just don't seem to melt. Yippee!

Daylight Saving time begins at 2 am on Sunday. Gaining that extra hour of sunlight used to mean so much more when I was a kid. It meant you could go outside after dinner and play for another hour or so.

It meant that Spring was coming up fast, and I could ride my bike to school instead of walking (which gained me an extra 10 minutes of sleep a day).

Speaking of school, it meant you were in the home stretch of the school year, and you still had April vacation to look forward to.

It used to mean the muddy month of March was a memory. It's not one of my favorites, though I have numerous friends and relatives who think it's a fine month because they were born in March. Lots of June honeymoons, I suppose.

Now that I live the life of an infant, awake at 2:30 am and in bed by 7 pm, the longer days just give me more opportunities to yell at the kids to "get off my lawn"