Oh Em Gee!!  According to a report in WHDH, Channel 7, The Boss himself walked in to Bebop on Boylston Street in Boston on Friday night with his wife and two other people.  Wow!  They were there to relax and enjoy the local, live music.  The patrons pretty much left him alone, according to Tommy McCarthy, the owner of Bebop.  Tommy is also the owner of The Shaskeen Pub on Elm Street in Manchester.

The Bebop is located right next to Berklee College of Music, so I'm pretty sure the entertainment was great!  The report said Bruce gave them a "thumbs up" as he left the place.  How cool is that?  They can pretty much retire now.  The boss approves of their music.

I have to think that although people left him alone in Boston, I'm not sure it would be the same case in Jersey because he's from there.  It would be like Steven Tyler or Joe Perry or....  Big Papi coming in to a restaurant in Jersey, they would be able to relax and enjoy the local musicians, but if they walked in to a local place... that would be different, especially if my sister was there.  MAN, that girl can NOT leave people alone.

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