If you're looking for a beer that is hard to find in the grocery stores or your corner store, look no further than Greg and Jane's Beer and Wine in Epping, New Hampshire.

Greg & Jane's Has Beer and Wine From All Over New England

I called to see if they had a particular brand of beer that my brother really likes but I can never find, "Old Speckled Hen."

I spoke with Dan Ward, and he said they absolutely have that. He told me that they have over 1,500 kinds of beer from over 300 breweries from all over the country, 27 of which are local to New England breweries.

There's a Lot of Red Tape

Dan said that there are many rules and regulations that the store has to follow in order to get the selection that it has.  For example, if Dan wants to walk into a brewery and buy a whole bunch of product from them, that's illegal. It has to be through a distributor.

They do follow the rules, however, and they get product from all over New England.

As a matter of fact, they have beer from all of the country, almost all 50 states.

Build Your Own 6-Pack of Beer

One of the cool things about Greg and Jane's place is that you can build your own 6-pack.  It's very likely that you come across a few beers that you have never tried before, and you might want a sample 6-pack.

You can absolutely do that.

That way, you don't have to invest in all six beers at a time.

I am lucky to live fairly close to Greg & Jane's store.  Although I am not a beer drinker, I do imbibe in a nice glass of pinot every now and again, and the selection of wines is impressive.

Do you have a favorite brew that you think just isn't available around here?  Have you ever been to Greg & Jane's store?

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