Here is a video review of Burger King's new Mac n' Cheetos and as an added bonus a Dr Pepper milkshake review!

The Dr. Pepper milkshake was perfect. Exactly what I wanted. A great mix of vanilla and Dr. Pepper flavors and the shake had a wonderful consistency, absolutely no complaints about the shake. I will have another.

As you saw in the video, I liked the Mac n' Cheetos, but I also said I would never get them again. These are a one and done for me. Not that they were bad, but they ARE 'dangerously cheesy,' as it says on the box.

In my opinion, too much fake Cheeto cheese taste, you know, the powdered cheese flavor, it got to me after 2. I like the crunch the breaded exterior provides and I dig the warm mac n cheese center. The mac n cheese wasn't liquidy either, therefore keeping the outer shell crispy.

I was under the impression that you get 5 per package, but I received 6, so bonus points for the bonus Mac n' Cheeto.

They're definitely worth a try and if you really love Cheetos, you'll probably be all in on these.