For the first time since March, three major New England bus lines are back in operation, according to a report from WMTW.

As of yesterday, Concord Coach lines, Dartmouth Coach and Boston Express were all operational, resuming their trips to Boston and Logan Airport.

Of course, there are cleaning and safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of all who travel with them.

The report cites Steve Harbert, Concord Coach line safety director:

You may not be ready to travel that, and we know that....... We are ready for you when you decide that it's time to take a ride to Boston and hop on a plane and go someplace.

Almost 5 months ago, the bus lines suspended service.

Here's a report from WMUR from that time.

I have traveled Concord Coach lines to Boston and I can't say enough about them.  I know this is a weird time and to be honest, I'm probably not ready to travel this way yet, but when I used to do it, it was the best way to go, and here are a few reasons why:

All I did was pay a very reasonable fare from their Londonderry stop, pick a comfy seat, sit back and relax.  The ride may have included intense traffic, but I never even noticed.  I was listening to music on my phone the entire ride, relaxed and happy!

The drivers were always super nice and before you leave, they have complimentary coffee that you can take on the bus with you.  How nice!  I think I will have some, thank you very much.

Really glad to hear that these buses are back in action!

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