$10 for lunch in Portsmouth, New Hampshire?  No problem.

Let's face it, if you're hungry for lunch and you only have $10, you might be a be discouraged knowing that it's not going to take you very far, especially in Portsmouth.

Here's where I can help. I'm a helper, it's kind of my thing.

I went looking for lunch options that would hopefully satisfy you enough until dinnertime.

Now, admittedly, you're not going to get a three-course meal for 10 bucks, but you CAN get a nice, full belly of good food that will last throughout the afternoon.

The Goat - 143 Congress Street

The Goat actually has a few options under $10, but this one is going to keep you full until dinner: their award-winning chili. It's served up with nacho chips and topped with cheese.

Yummo.  Try $9 on the lunch menu.

If you go on a Wednesday, the Goat is home to 10-cent wings. Ten. Cents.  That $10 bucks is looking like plenty!

The Goat
The Goat

You can also get a Goat Melt for $9, too, but I need more protein than that one has, so I went with the chili.

The Friendly Toast - 113 Congress Street

A side of Corned Beef Hash and a side of two eggs at the Friendly Toast will run you $8.50, and you are going to be happy and full until dinner.  You can also get an 8" Belgium Waffle, but you need your protein, Bub.

If just your presence at The Friendly Toast isn't enough for you to feel like a hipster, you can get an order of Avocado Toast for $9 bucks.

Avocado Toast
The Friendly Toast

5 Thai Bistro

If you have a hankerin' for Thai food, try 5 Thai Bistro.  Their menu has a couple of options for your $10 bucks.

On their appetizer menu, you can order some chicken satay, gluten-free by the way, but not peanut-free, for $9.95.

If you want something warm in your belly, how about Tom Kha, a coconut soup with mushrooms and cilantro with your choice of chicken, veggies, tofu or shrimp, also gluten free for $8.95.

For dinner, $10 won't get you far.

If you're looking for dinner options, I thought I would throw in one of my absolute favorites in the whole city.  It doesn't open for lunch, and admittedly, $10 wouldn't get you far here, but don't miss this place for dinner when you have more money to spend.

Ristorante Massimo - 59 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth

Brie, smoked duck, and spiced jam is just one of their small plate options.  They have several to choose from, including vegetarian selections.

Of course, these are just a few options in the city. What are some places where you can grab a quick bite for $10?

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