The 1965 jingle "Uh oh, SpaghettiOs!", that many people still know and sing today, is very apropos for this news story, as it involves a mother from Attleboro, Massachusetts, who was desperate to find as many cans of the popular kid's food as she could. Boston News .com is reporting Crystal MacDonald's daughter stopped eating anything else but SpaghettiOs in mid-March, about the time the coronavirus became a daily part of all of our conversations. 11-year-old girl Ashlyn MacDonald is reported have severe non-verbal autism, and routines are an integral part of her world. Her mother told reporters that her routine of going to school was disrupted by the pandemic, and this is probably why she formed an attachment to SpaghettiOs.

Two amazing things happened that should restore our faith in humanity.

One: The Attleboro community came together to help Crystal MacDonald find SpaghettiOs. Some people supposedly even bought the canned food with their own money, and delivered it to the family.

Two: The Campbell's Soup Company found out about MacDonald's dilemma, and pledged to send Ashlyn a year's supply of her favorite food.


(Credit: SuperKevin Via Ebay)
(Credit: SuperKevin Via Ebay)

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