Thanks to LTC Ronald Anzalone for being a judge at today's 'Parmageddon' event. We talked about the New England Battalion's APFT push up test and I'm now consumed by the idea of passing it!

I shall be studying the perfect form for these by watching the video above between now and when Sarah and I take this test, later this Summer.

I have a three aces up my sleeve when it comes to my prospects of achieving this goal.

1. I can do push ups fairly easily.

2. My coaches at FBT in Kingston will be even more focused on this than I am and will adjust my fitness routine accordingly.

3. I'm 44 years old!

LTC Anzalone filled me in that a passing grade for push ups at my advanced age is a reasonable number '30' (provided I read the chart correctly).

To achieve a 100% for my demographic, I must complete 66 (!) push ups.



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