My ridiculous flourishes of artwork concerning the current NH Drought Monitor map should only be looked at for entertainment purposes. But I think this question is valid. with Microsoft Paint Artwork by Train Studios
with Microsoft Paint Artwork by Train Studios

Wow, the front of heavy storms that poured upon The Granite State over the past 12 hours REALLY did a number on some communities up north and out west.

So, with 99.96% of New Hampshire currently being categorized as 'Abnormally Dry' and 56.46% of the State categorized as experiencing 'Moderate Drought', severe flash flooding often begs the question.

'Are we still in a drought?'

Though the answer cannot be officially answered until the Drought Monitor releases the update on Thursday morning, if recent history has taught me anything, the answer may be YES. (?)

The Drought Monitor doesn't calculate data on just a 'minute to minute' basis, it calculates things weekly, monthly and annually.

That's why I start to freak out once the dreaded lemon yellow of abnormal dryness begins to show up on the map. It takes a lot of water to get out of it!

Once the beige of moderate drought appears, your local meteorologist will be talking about water usage limits seemingly until the first snow flies.

Keep in mind that this IS New England after all and nothing is ever constant.

In September of 2016, around 20% of New Hampshire experienced EXTREME drought and the Seacoast was pretty much right in the bullseye.

But, things consistently got better, as luckily they always do, and by Spring of 2017 everything was back to normal and the entire State was free of dryness.

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