Another big game yesterday between The Boston Celtics and The Miami Heat and once again, New Castle NH's Duncan Robinson just flat out ruins 'The Green Team'.

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic
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This isn't just me having a temper tantrum and blowing things all out of proportion either. The tweet featured above is from the official Twitter account of the Miami Heat.

When these two teams faced off in last year's Orlando bubble version of the NBA Eastern Conference Final, a very similar thing happened. Robinson went off.

Could this continued domination of The Celtics be a by product of years and years worth of 'visualization'? Allow me to explain.

Much like any kid growing up here in The Granite State, the hoop in the driveway or the local recreation center was always transformed into a different location through imagination.

Kids shooting hoops were never at the gym. In their own minds, they were on Causeway Street with 15,000 screaming fans chanting their name.

I have to think, Robinson must have had these same scenarios play out hundreds of times.

The only difference is, he has ELITE basketball skills.

Snapping off 6 threes at The Garden is just something he 'visualized' so many times, that it's just second nature.

The thing is, because of the strange 2021 NBA schedule, he's going to be in town both today and tomorrow, waiting for the 7:30PM rematch.

I hope that somehow, he reads this and realizes how much anguish he is causing Celtics fans, and maybe, just maybe, tomorrow night he won't scorch the Earth, yet again.

This scenario is not likely.

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