Did you know Pamela Smart was punished for having a plastic cake knife in prison? One that she's had since 1992?


The implement shown above sounds WAY more dangerous than the plastic cake knife that Smart was put in solitary confinement for in 2012.

According to this WMUR-TV report, Smart's latest Federal lawsuit against the prison officials has been thrown out of court due to lack of evidence that she was wrongly punished for possessing the non-serrated dessert knife.

Smart claims it was a gift from her family and was in plain sight in her prison cell for 18 years.

"We vigorously disagree with the judge's decision and the wrongful punishment Pamela Smart received over her possession of the cake 'knife.' This utensil, made of plastic with a non-serrated edge, was gifted to her by her parents under permissible prison regulations at the time it was given to her. Ms. Smart kept it on a shelf in open view for 18 years without incident," -  Dr. Eleanor Pam  - Smart Spokesperson

The 1990 NH murder case and trial that captivated the entire world is a story that seemingly never stops and this latest chapter is one that I hadn't known about, even though this particular incident occurred nearly 6 years ago.

Smart intends to appeal this decision.

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