When you think about naughty states in the country, you probably think about Florida, Nevada, and maybe even, I don’t know, Georgia or New York?

You probably don’t envision Maine or any of our neighboring states but you may be surprised.

Most Sinful States in America

Travado recently took a deep dive looking state-by-state at the places in our country where people are “sinning” the most. They compiled a list of the 30 most sinful states in the country, looking at things like how many people cheat, have home break-ins, bank robberies, gambling issues, etc.

To my surprise, two of our neighboring New England states made the naughty list.

New Hampshire - Highest Alcohol Consumption

This one is surpising if you think about it being the state with the highest alcohol consumption out of all 50 states but it’s not surprising if you think about the tax-free liquor.

National data used by Northeast Node shares that New Hampshire consumes more gallons of alcohol than every other state in the nation, with data from 2015 showing that the Granite State consumes 4.72 gallons per capita.

Maine comes in close for the highest alcohol consumption at No. 13.

The researchers do share that the estimates in New Hampshire may be a wee bit increased due to cross-border sales from neighboring states, which I have personally partaken in when stopping at the New Hampshire liquor store for tax-free alcohol, babyyyy!

Massachusetts - Least Religious State

This is another one that took me by surprise

Massachusetts is currently rated as the least religious state in the country, with residents who attend services less than other states and when asked if religion plays an important part in their lives, residents of Massachusetts rank the lowest.

This is backed by the Pew Research Center, which ranks both Massachusetts and New Hampshire as being tied for the least religious states at No. 50 and Maine at No. 48. In both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 33% of people say religion is important in their lives and 23% say they attend worship services weekly.

So, while Maine didn’t make the list of states that are sinful, we don’t have a whole lot of religious folk, either.

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