Bristol, New Hampshire Creates its Own High-Speed Internet

Never underestimate New England innovations.  Nearly everything we do now is on the internet.  Work, School, watch movies play games.  Everything.

Some folks in the town of Bristol got tired of waiting so they put together their own broadband internet company, according to  The company, called Bristol Broadband is the first of its kind.

How they are Connected

They have connected many of the schools, municipal buildings, and companies, the news station reported.  If each town can work on its own network, you can then connect to the next town and by adding those connections to each other.  Then you have a string of connections that could cover the whole county.  Many of the big broadband companies haven’t moved into the rural areas because they don’t feel the investment is worth it but if you look at what Bristol Broadband has done with a 1.8 million investment it seems a no-brainer to try this.

How Much for the Community

Bristol Broadband is charging its customers $89/month and when you don’t have any other option for internet, it seems a simple choice, according to reporting by   Bristol Broadband has worked to provide internet access to a community that had none and with a few subscribers, they should have their investment back in very little time.

Plus, having that internet infrastructure should attract businesses which will provide more jobs for the community.  It seems like a win/win to me.  People in New England know how to get stuff done.

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