People tend to be either dog people or cat people. I happen to be BOTH! Over the years, I've been blessed to have had a couple of great dogs, and I've lived with a few great cats. I've always had a special place in my heart for Maine Coons. Back in high school, my friend Sherri had an awesome Maine Coon named Ike. Ike was a BIG boy. If  a cat could be sexy...then Ike was the man. And he knew it. He used to strut around the house in all of his glory. Ike didn't like too many people...after all, they were people and he was the cat. But he liked me. And I loved him.

So when I finally moved out on my own, I adopted a Maine Coon at The San Antonio Cat Show. It's the only cat show I'd ever attended...and it was impressive. These cat people really know how to pamper their felines. If you've never been to a cat show, check out The Boston International Cat Show coming up April 28 at the Simoni Skating Rink, 155 Gore Street, Cambridge, MA 02141.

The 5th TICA International Cat Show
Wang He/Getty Images

Their Facebook page says exhibitors from all over the Northeast will be showing pedigreed and household pet cats. If you want to get up close to breeds like Bengals, American Shorthairs, Persians, and my favorite; Maine well as former shelter cats...then this is the place to go. They're partnering up with local rescues collect food donations, and provide opportunities for adoption.

They'll also have a wide array of cat related merchandise for sale. Including cat trees made right here in New Hampshire.

Tickets are $10/adult, $8/senior, student, military ID, and FREE for children under 12...if they're with an adult. Take a can of cat food, or a bag of dry, for donation to local shelters and get $1 off admission.

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