You know the lyrics, heck, you may even sing them in the shower. When you hear it on your radio, you turn the volume up. No, I am not talking about your favorite song, I am talking about a catchy local commercial.

Commercials are everywhere, we hear them on our televisions and on the radio. Granted some are just spoken, others choose a catchy musical jingle that seems to never escape my head. Years can go by and yet, there's the jingle randomly playing in my head.

I will just be going about my day, then all of a sudden I hear "1 (877) Kars 4 Kids" playing in my head. Nothing has to really happen for these commercials or jingles to come up, they just get embedded in our heads for us to remember forever.

If you grew up in New England, then you should know where you go when the sun is blazing and you know who to call when your windshield's busted. Yes, jingles are extremely catchy and therefore do a great job with what they are meant to do.

Think you know all of the jingles and catchy commercials that came on your TV and radio? Let's take a look at what you can remember.

Water Country "When the sun is blazing and the summer gets hot [...] have some fun!" 

Karz4Kids "1 8-7-7 KARS 4 KIDS"


New England Aquarium "What makes an ocean wave wave"

Star Market “See what makes us shine’’

Foxwoods “The wonder of it all’’

Wachusett Mountain “Wa, Wa Wachusett’’

Bernie & Phyl’s “Quality, comfort, and price. That’s nice.’’

Story Land “Where fantasy lives’’

Dunkin’ Donuts “Time to make the donuts’’

Boch Oldsmobile/Ernie Boch Jr. “Come on down!’’

The Christmas Tree Shop "Don't you just love a bargain?"

Other great jingles and commercials that you may remember are:

99 Restaurants "Great meal, great deal"

Bradlee's "At Bradlee's, you buy what Mrs. B buys"

Giant Glass “Who do you call when your windshield’s busted?’’

Two New Englanders took it upon themselves to create one video that you will never want to forget if you love all these jingles. Imagine someone taking almost every New England jingle that you can think of and putting them all in one place, that is exactly what they did.

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