Did you know that the Boston Creme Pie was invented in.... Boston?  Okay, sounds like it should be obvious, but who knows - maybe some woman named Boston invented the thing in.... Chicago or something.  No, not Chi-town, Bean-town.

According to Wiki, the pie was invented at the Parker House Hotel, now known as the Omni Parker Hotel by a French chef, Augustine Francois Anezin who was the top chef at the hotel from 1865 - 1881.  It was first referred to as Chocolate creme pie, which if you eat as many desserts as I do, you know that is a totally different pie.  Chocolate creme pie is pudding at the bottom, cream on the top, chocolate shards on the top of that.  No yellow cake involved.  Boston Cream pie has the yellow cake with a thick custard in the middle with that ever-so-delicious melted chocolate over the top of the pie.  Other custard cakes did exist at that time in history, but none had the chocolate coating on the top like this one did.

Now that I am craving a piece of this dessert, I have found an easy recipe for you here.  It only has 8 ingredients and it uses a cake mix and vanilla pudding, both from a box.  Hey, I like shortcuts.  If you really want the real deal, I suggest Harvey's Bakery or Duston's Bakery, both here in Dover.  They are delicious and your kitchen won't get messy.

Boston Cream Pie is the official dessert of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, declared on December 12, 1996.


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