WOW, this is truly planning ahead.

According to a story from WMUR, celebrity chef Tyler Florence is filming a TV show here in NH this week and if you head to Wolfeboro, you've got a good chance of being on TV too!

Yesterday, Tyler was at the Castle in the Clouds in Wolfeboro and filming is continuing today.  According to Tyler's Instagram post, if you show up in a Santa hat, he PROMISES that you'll get on camera.  That's no big deal.  If people didn't look at me funny, I'd wear a Santa hat all the time - e'ry day, e'ry day....

I really admire people who run a food truck or any sort of restaurant that serves the public.  It's constant, hard work that is waaaay too much work for me.  Seriously, in the restaurant industry, the minute you think you're done, there's another couple of hours work to do.  It's CRAZY.  I'm glad that other people like it, cuz I sure do like to eat.

“The Great Food Truck Race” airs on the Food Network.

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