Less than 36 hours away from the Season Opener! This official Celtics tweet has me anxious and fired up for another season unlike any other.

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers
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It has been such a roller coaster of emotions for Celtics fans such as myself. I was absolutely sky high for the preseason opener against The Sixers last Tuesday and UGH. The C's looked horrible. They looked even worse against the Brooklyn Nets and my mood did not improve one bit.

The thing that keeps me hopeful (Big Surprise) is how much respect they have been given by the sportsbooks across the country. The Celtics are only 3 point underdogs against The Milwaukee Bucks opening night AND just a one point underdog against The Brooklyn Nets on Christmas at 5pm.

YES. The same Brooklyn Nets who crushed The Celts by 24 points the other night and it really wasn't even that close.

The people that make those point spreads know exactly what they're doing so, what I've seen on the court apparently has very little to do with reality.

With TEN less games on the regular season schedule, I think it will be interesting to see how the handling of 'Load Management' will be conducted. Every game is now worth ten percent more than it ever has meant in the past! I just can't wait to see this team compete now that the real thing is about to begin!


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