The chairs still may be up inside, but they're down outside at Roger's Pizza in Dover and the weather has been perfect.

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Almost three months ago, I began the 'Chairs Up, Thumbs Up' series as a salute to my favorite local restaurants and a way to let the public know that their food is equally awesome in 'Take Out' form as it is sitting at one of their tables.

Week after week, I'd visit Roger's and the visual of the chairs in the corner just made me sad and it seemed like the winter of 2019-20 would never loosen it's grip. I wanted to wait until the time felt right.

Well, last Friday, the weather was perfect. And people were out in the patio dining area. Hooray!!

I figured the time was as good as any to change my 'Chairs Up' to 'Chairs Out' and what better inaugural edition than Roger's Pizza.

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Seriously, just look at that pepperoni.

If a group of birds is called a 'flock' and a group of whales is called a 'pod', what should this group of pepperoni be called? I think a 'pile' is not a worthy term.

Maybe a bouquet would be more appropriate or perhaps, a wonderful?

I must confess, these stacks were always ideal for snacking on my way home and I always ask for an extra blue cheese or ranch for dipping the ronis.

Now, in the name of safety, I've adapted, and can grab them just as easily with two or three napkins and look downright aristocratic in the process.


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