I had never been to 'The Farm' on Portland Ave in Dover until today. What a wonderful way to finally break my 'take out only' restaurant quarantine!

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And what a view! This was my actual view from my actual seat that I sat in the entire time. Roll on mighty Cocheco River!

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This is a very new age photo of the two appetizers that my group of radio pals ordered and both were terrific choices. The mozzarella bites and pulled pork nachos.

The home made guac for the BBQ pulled pork nachos was so good that I aggressively commandeered it. Best guacamole ever. And I eat that stuff by the ton.

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I had to create a small social distanced kerfuffle as I absolutely needed to take a picture of Sarah's side of Mac and Cheese. She was very generous as per usual and let me steal a good sized portion as long as I followed the strictest health guidelines.

Actually I just stole some with my fork when she wasn't looking but I promised my fork was clean. It was awesome!

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This is my burger which was loaded with caramelized onions and their secret sauce. It was unlike other 'secret sauces' because it had a stronger zip to it than the traditional thousand island hybrid you may get at other places.

And yes, those are hand cut french fries. I haven't had a hand cut french fry since before St Patrick's Day. What a treat!

Thanks to everyone that dragged me out of my cave and thanks to The Farm for making such a great meal!

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