The provider of the delicious food for The Shark's VIP Breakfast Bar AND makers of the best egg sandwich in the universe, 2 Home Cooks in Dover. The subject of today's Chairs Up salute!

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I swear I didn't tell Mitch (above) that these posts are called 'Chairs Up,Thumbs Up' and if I'm lying, let me never have their unbelievable bacon pancakes ever again.

They're located at 40 Chestnut Street in Dover which in New England mapquest speak means, right next door to that new pahkin garahhge.

It was so great to see Helen today. She was always there for us when our Shark VIP orders were gigantic (ok some of that may be my fault), never made one error (which is unfathomable) and always is cheerful.

They've moved their hours around slightly so before you give them a call, check out the new schedule right here.

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As you can see from above, the social distancing rule is in effect!


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