I cannot believe that I haven't yet given a 'Thumbs Up' to the place I visit more than any other in The Garrison City. Strafford House of Pizza!

Strafford House Of Pizza
Strafford House Of Pizza

Aside from outstanding pizza, a steak and cheese that has been raved about in national publications AND an exquisite spaghetti and meatballs dinner that can feed about four people, the folks at Strafford House Of Pizza are as fast as they are friendly.

In this post modern world, have you forgotten to call ahead? Well, it happened to me today.

I ordered my turkey sub and retreated in the name of social distancing to the once and future dining area (where I proceeded to take the photo above.)

Within ONE MINUTE my turkey sub was prepared perfectly, the same way I've ordered it for the past 18 years at Strafford.

Thirty seconds later, I was in my car and headed back to work to enjoy it!

Thumbs up Strafford House!

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