You probably went to bed by then and who could blame you? Chances are that while you were tucking yourself in, you missed Marcus Smart's displaying his middle finger at center court last night.

He wasn't showing the number of three pointers he made during the entire game (Just one on four attempts), he was in fact flipping the bird to someone (presumably a Celtics fan) in the crowd.

I'm not offended by the gesture as much as the context of which it was delivered. Losing by 14, he misses a three pointer and all of his focus is on the heckler and not defending the next possession? Pathetic.

If he drained a go ahead three, stole the ball and then flipped the bird after The Bulls called a timeout? I'd be typing these words wearing a brand new Marcus Smart jersey.

The Celts are now down 0-2 with the next two games scheduled in Chicago, Boston has to win the next two games to 'flip' home court advantage back to the Garden. Good luck with that.

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