Check out this work of art built entirely of LEGOS!

Rob Surette is an incredible artist from Andover, Mass.  You may recognize his name from various TV appearances over the years.  He's met and done portraits for some of the biggest names in entertainment and now - he has completed his lego portrait with the help of the Peabody community, including Brown Elementary school, of Brady and Belichick - together like you've never seen them.  According to Rob's YouTube page, every student and adult in the school helped to create the portrait that included 22,500 LEGOS!!  The work, according to Rob, took over 100 hours of work!

What an incredible team building experience for everyone involved!  Kind of reminds me of the time when my Mother sent me off to camp and we were all put in teams of 10.  I was 8 years old and chubby.  We had to run through an obstacle course, part of which was climbing a wall in the middle of the forest.  There was no way I was getting over that wall by myself.  The other kids had to push and pull me from both ends.  Yeah.... I remember that.....

This mural thing was a much better group activity.

The Brown School also put this video up on their Twitter Account:

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