I remember seeing this when we were watching the game and now they've caught the guy who did it!

According to a story from WMUR, it was a CHIEFS FAN who flashed a laser in Tom Brady's eyes during the AFC Championship Game in Kansas City.  A video recorded by a photographer in Kansas City caught the evidence of the green laser shining on Brady several times during the game.  Another WMUR report identifies the Chiefs fan as Dwyan Morgan, 64 years old, being charged with disturbing the peace.

That's it?  Disturbing the peace?  How 'bout Disturbing the GOAT?!!!

Morgan was banned for life from Arrowhead Stadium and may face charges from the Kansas City District Attorney.

I sure hope it's more than just "disturbing the peace."  It was a heck of a lot more than just ONCE that he pointed that laser at Tommy's face.  I remember seeing it several times thinking that they should even stop the game to look for whoever was guilty.

Football is a violent game as it is and if you add another dangerous ingredient like blocking the QB's sight, it should be more than just "disturbing the peace."  Do they charge people with disturbing the peace when they point lasers in to pilots faces when they are flying?  No.... It's more than that!!


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