The deer population in the Granite State could be decimated if this fatal disease reaches our border. Preventing it is surprisingly simple according to NH Fish and Game.


1. Do not use natural urine-based attractants while hunting

There is a protein in deer urine that is responsible for spreading infection.  The facilities that manufacture these attractants are not regulated so it is possible that Chronic Wasting Disease can be spread through it's usage.

2. Follow New Hampshire’s carcass importation restrictions when hunting deer in other states and provinces

NH Fish and Game prohibits the importation into the state of hunter-killed cervid* carcasses or parts of carcasses from jurisdictions in which CWD has been detected, except for de-boned meat, antlers, antlers attached to skull caps from which all soft tissue has been removed, upper canine teeth (a.k.a. buglers, whistlers or ivories), hides or capes with no part of the head attached, and finished taxidermy mounts.  - NH Fish and Game

*Cervids include deer, moose and elk

With bow season underway and muzzle loader season less than a month away, it is never too soon to prepare as much as possible to stop CWD from destroying our deer population.

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