Man, that could have ended up really bad for everyone involved.

The Police Department in York presented a well-deserved plaque to citizen Jack Lowe for his role in warning one of the officers that a car was coming in their direction, possibly saving the law enforcement official's life.

Back sometime in mid-October of this year in the early morning hours, Mr. Lowe of Jack's Towing was called to remove a vehicle from the side of the road.  While K-9 Police Officer Jonathan Rogers and Mr. Rowe were in what seemed to be somewhat of a casual conversation beside the vehicle a speeding black car was bearing down upon the both of them.

At the last moment, Mr.  Lowe motioned for the officer to move towards the stationary vehicle and screamed out twice, "Watch it, watch it!"  Turn the volume up and you can also hear the Officer's dog stationed back in the cruiser bark twice as well.

Amazingly, the car missed both of them.

It didn't take long for the York Police Officer to run back to his cruiser to pursue the driver of the car, with Mr. Lowe yelling "GO GET HIM" as he did.

The driver of the black car was caught and arrested for both driving drunk and improper passing of an emergency vehicle with lights flashing, which resulted in a fine of $326.

Jack Lowe was presented a plaque of appreciation by the York Maine Police Department with the words "GO GET HIM" inscribed upon it. Good job, Mr. Lowe!

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