I remember always taking weekend trips from Boston to North Conway. It was always a great weekend, seeing the mountains, the Kancamagus highway, going on the alpine slide, stopping in Zeb's for some sasparilla, and until I got older, going to Story Land.

However, there was one place I always made my mother take me to on our way home, Clark's Trading Post, which has since been renamed Clark's Bears and is located in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Clark's Bears is a place that anyone can enjoy. They have rides, live entertainment, and museums. I will never forget about Merlin's Mansion, where my world was literally turned upside down. I will also never forget about Wolfman, who tries to chase you down while you are on Clark's train ride, and you have to scream, "Scram you old goat!"

Whenever I went to Clark's Bears, I always had to go see some of the live entertainment, my favorite was going to see Victoria. Victoria was a beautiful black bear that was honestly one of a kind. She danced, painted with her paws, knew how to strike a pose (honestly, she was better at posing than I am), and always knew how to make the audience smile, cheer, and come back for more.

Unfortunately, earlier this week, Victoria passed away at 32 years of age.

Victoria will always be remembered by children and families that visited Clark's Trading Post, as one of the best bears and entertainers.

Clark's Bears will definitely not be the same without Victoria, but it is still is and will forever be an amazing place to enjoy a day with family.

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