This is a picture of a big fat bluebird that was hanging out and hanging on for dear life during yesterday's windstorm. Once rare, they're now everywhere!

Train Images
Train Images

I recall seeing ONE bluebird (on a wishing well in Effingham NH when I was about 6 years old) and that was IT, until about 10 years ago. Now, especially in the Winter, they are in flocks of up to twenty.

The Northern Cardinal

The first time I saw a cardinal, I was in third grade and couldn't believe what I was looking at, as it pecked through seeds that were strewn around the ground below the bird feeder. Even though it was twilight, the bright red color was unmistakable.

Now? They're more common than pigeons.


This gigantic rat like creature probably isn't going to win any popularity contests, but I think they're cool!

I also can't recall seeing them ANYWHERE locally for the first 25 years of my life. Around the year 2000 I first saw one crossing Route 110 in Amesbury (at about 11pm) and now, they are very common.

A few years ago, I witnessed one on Sixth Street in Dover as it 'Played Possum' to my oncoming headlights. I made sure I swerved so it could live to 'play' another day.

Bald Eagles


The only place you could ever see one of these in New England was on the 'Endangered Species' posters that lined the hallways of my Elementary School.


Every trip I take to Oxford Casino, I'll usually see 3 or 4. I saw one hovering 15 feet above Route 125 in Barrington last Fall.


Animal Sanctuary Rescues And Shelters Abused And Abandoned Wildlife
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Thanks to our Facebook friends, I have seen dozens of amazing local videos and pictures of this once rare cat.

I have YET to see one but hopefully, I'll be able to join the club of NH bobcat witnesses!

I'm sure there are many more examples of critters like these. Can you think of any?

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