I can't imagine being homeless in New England, in January.  Especially if you have children.

Concord's homeless shelter, according to a story from WMUR, has put out an urgent plea for volunteers because they are at capacity with the recent cold weather.  Resources at the shelter are stretched thin and they really need people to help.  Volunteers don't have to have special education or permits or anything, just compassion and reliability.  They need help at check-in and check out times, so you wouldn't have to stay all day/night.

One of the people at the shelter said, according to the report;

We're all human beings......We all share so many things in common. These are people who are on hard times, but they're not so different from me or you or anyone else who has a home.

If you feel that you could volunteer, click here to find out more information.

This story is specific to Concord, however, I am certain that homeless shelters everywhere are running in to the same problem.  Here's the website for Seacoast Family Promise in Exeter.  If you live closer to the seacoast, you might want to contact them.

It should be noted that although a report from WMUR states the overall percentage of homelessness was down by 5% in 20109 according to the following video, some counties in NH reported an increase.

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