According to WalletHub, our Capital City of Concord has one of the best combined scores in four key categories of living conditions. See how they rank right here!

Source: WalletHub


Pulling in a Number 6 rank for 'Affordability' and being 13th in 'Economic Well Being' certainly helped 'The City of the Crimson Tide' attain Top Ten Status. Concord is above average for the category of 'Quality of Education and Health' as well.

Not all New England Capitals were as fortunate as The Granite State.

Providence, RI placed 46th and Hartford, CT is 49th!?

Boston is ranked LAST in the entire country for 'Least Affordable Housing' which comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with trying to live anywhere near "Downtown" for less than a fortune.

Check out the entire report right here!

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