In Maine, most of us are not blessed with a pool in our backyards or season passes to our favorite water park. What we are blessed with is a ton of water options to cool off when the summer temperatures start getting a little too hot and sticky. One of those options is something that may check a couple of boxes for you: a chance to see a covered bridge AND enjoy a swimming hole right next to it.

It's called Babb's Bridge, a replica of a covered bridge that was destroyed by fire in 1973. The original bridge had been standing over the Presumpscot River for more than a century, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The scenery is worth the trip to the Gorham/Windham line, but if covered bridges aren't your thing, there's always the opportunity to go swimming.

Part of what has made Babb's Bridge so popular over the years is the terrific swimming hole right below it.  On scorching days, people will make the trip to Covered Bridge/Hurricane Road and take a dip. There's even a rope swing attached to a tree on the riverbank if you're feeling more adventurous and want to add some thrill to your swim.

Like with any good free swimming hole, please be respectful. In 2014, there was an incident at Babb's where vandals cut holes into the roof of the covered bridge so people could climb up and jump off into the river. Also be advised that the current can be a little strong for inexperienced swimmers, and you should wear protective gear if necessary.

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