It seems that kindness is a rarity nowadays.

Often times, something as simple as a smile or selfless gesture could go a long way and make someone's day.

Here in New England, we aren't necessarily known for that.

Now, hear us out.

It's not that we aren't nice people. It's just that showing outward friendliness to strangers is not something we're known for. According to a Big7Travel survey about the friendliest places in America, New England's ranking...wasn't spectacular. So, it's all the more important that we recognize kind New Englanders and the positive ways they enrich the lives of others.

We decided to go on Facebook and ask our New Hampshire readers which towns in the Granite State have the kindest residents. Now, obviously this answer is subjective, as people's individual experiences sway their judgements. Nonetheless, we were surprised by the feedback, as well as what town came out on top.

But enough of our blabbing. Here's a countdown of the eight New Hampshire towns with the kindest residents. What do you think about the place that came in at #1? Do you agree with the verdict? Or would you have chosen another location instead?

These Eight Towns Have the Kindest Residents in New Hampshire

We asked Granite Staters which New Hampshire towns have the nicest residents. Here's what they said.

Now, here's a look at some New Hampshire restaurants known for their excellent customer service. Be sure to show these guys some love; they deserve it and often don't get nearly enough credit.

Experience Stellar Customer Service at These 18 New Hampshire Restaurants

Gallery Credit: Megan

These are some of the best towns in New Hampshire, according to locals. Did yours make the cut?

These Are 10 of the Best Towns in New Hampshire, According to Locals

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see what town was deemed the best according to Granite Staters.

Gallery Credit: Meg

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