Here's the breakdown of the latest number of coronavirus cases.:

According to NH.Gov: 1,491 cases. Up 44 cases. The hot spots being Rockingham County, specifically, Salem, Derry and Dover.

According to Maine.Gov: 888 cases. Up 13 cases. The hot spots in Cumberland County

According to Mass.Gov:  41,119 cases. Up 1,476. Boston has the most cases.

Since this thing began, we have heard to stop touching your face, but I find it to be almost impossible.

There is always an itch that I have to scratch or something in my eye or I need to push up my glasses and in turn, makes me scratch my eyes.

I think it's payback from all the dogs that I had to put in the "cone of shame" for their own good.

Now I know how they felt when they wanted to scratch an itch or stick their head in the toilet bowl or get a snack from their bowl.

All I can say to them is I'm so sorry that I made you keep that cone on, but it was for your own good and I suppose it's the same for us.  Stop touching your face.


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