Have you ever seen a meteor shower in the night sky? How about one that looks like a unicorn? It could be visible later this week in Northern New England, if the stars align.

According to the website amsmeteors.org, there's a strong chance that there could be an Alpha Monocerotid visible in the skies over Maine this Thursday night. Of course, a variety of factors would all need to cooperate in order for the meteor shower to be seen. But if they do, you could be looking up and witnessing quite a show. Especially due to the fact that some of the stars will line up to look like...A UNICORN!?

Farmer's Almanac, a Maine based publication, provided further insight, noting that for East Coast observers, the peak should come at around 11:50pm.

This sounds fascinating! I think I'll have to make it a point Thursday night to look up at the sky and just check to see for myself.

Will you be on the lookout for the Alpha Monocerotid?

Here's some items that will help make your night looking for the meteor shower a little easier.

You'll get a closer look with this beginners telescope:

For your coffee or hot chocolate while you wait:

And something comfy to sit on while you look up in the sky:

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