The coronavirus numbers keep going up, in part because testing is now available throughout the state and more people are confirmed as positive.  Make sure you keep going after you read the numbers of positive cases because there is a story that will warm your heart!

Here are the numbers for today, Tuesday, May 12, 2020 for positive COVID-19 cases.  These numbers INCLUDE recoveries and unfortunate deaths:

In New Hampshire, according to, 3,160

In Maine, according to, 1,462

In Massachusetts, from, 78,462

Some great news out of Nottingham, according to a story from WMUR, Erik Figueroa's wife had to be tested for coronavirus, so he was home with their 3 year old daughter, Emberlyn.  Emberlyn LOVES the movie, Frozen.  (who doesn't??)  So, in an effort to entertain her, Erik put on a princess outfit, Ana to be specific.  He's not a small dude.  Gotta love a guy who will go all out for his little girl.

This family has had their share of rough times.  Branson, Emberlyn's brother, has gone through skull reconstruction and may need another operation, according to the WMUR report.  How awful that they are dealing with one thing right after the other, but this family knows that humor heals.

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