It's a headline that you never want to see -- (insert local, "mom and pop" business here) is closing. And, unfortunately, for fans of a popular Massachusetts restaurant that calls itself the 'Home of the Boozy Milkshake,' that headline is front and center for them right now.

Google Maps / Canva / Photo by Clarissa Carbungco on Unsplash
Google Maps / Canva / Photo by Clarissa Carbungco on Unsplash

STACKS in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Yesterday, the owners of STACKS in Haverhill, Massachusetts, announced on the official Facebook page for the restaurant that they would be closing their area favorite restaurant this Sunday "with mixed emotions."

It's with mixed emotions that we announce the closure of STACKS, effective at the end of the day this Sunday. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has supported us since our opening. Your patronage, smiles, and shared moments have made STACKS a special place in our hearts. Though we're closing this chapter, the memories and connections we've made will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for being a part of the STACKS family. Join us this week for a farewell gathering, as we bid adieu to STACKS. Let's cherish the moments one last time!

And while customers have expressed their shock and sadness in the comments section of that post, for those that feel left out to dry with unused gift cards to STACKS that may not be able to make it down to Haverhill in time to use them, there's a silver lining, both for those customers and the STACKS owners as well.

Google Maps
Google Maps

PAR28 and Borrelli's Italian Deli

The Tomacchio family, who own STACKS, also own two other businesses: Par28 in Salem, New Hampshire, which is located in the old Coca-Cola building on Route 28, and Borrelli's Italian Deli in Methuen, Massachusetts, which, according to The Valley Patriot, they acquired earlier this year.

The Tomacchios announced that once STACKS closes on Sunday, they'll still honor existing gift cards at both Par28 and Borrelli's. Which is an absolutely amazing way to show how much the Tomacchios value, appreciate, and will miss their STACKS customers.

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