Here are the number of COVID-19 cases in NH, Maine and Massachusetts.  These numbers include the number of deaths and the number of recoveries.

According to  2,843

In Maine, 1,330

and in Massachusetts, 73,721
According to WMUR, since the state opened up testing sites, there have been over 2,200 requests.

I have discovered many silver linings during this time like, spending more time with my family, slowing things down a bit because things are closed but the number one silver lining of this entire time is.... drum roll please......  If you get a bag of smart food, you can't share it with anyone because what do you  do when you eat popcorn?  You pull it out of the bag, lick your fingers and dive in for more.

I've done some research.  A serving of Smart Food is 160 calories, so says their website.  If you get a huge bag of the stuff, which is usually 7 servings, that equals 1,120 calories.  Totally acceptable during pandemics.


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