Here in NH, we have not been hit as hard as our Southern neighbors in Massachusetts.  That number is up approaching 100,000 people.  Here's the breakdown of COVID-19 positive cases in NH, ME and Massachusetts:

Mass - 82,182
Monday, May 18, 2020 is a big day.  Restaurants will be allowed to serve guests OUTDOORS only, according to a story from The Union Leader.  Tables must be 6 feet apart, with a maximum of 6 people.
The report also quotes Alex Ray, NH Restaurant owner of The Common Man and the Tilton Diner as saying:
There won’t be a picnic table from Rhode Island to Canada...... I’m serious, at least in the New Hampshire corridor.


Governor Chris Sununu also said in the report:

We’ve had some restaurants come and say, ‘Unless I can fill 75% of my seats, it’s not even going to work for us, so don’t even try,’........Others are smaller establishments that have the available space and can sit just as many people outside.

Oh, how wonderful will it be to sit outside and actually have a waitperson come take my order and bring it to me!  I will be going to my favorite outdoor restaurant in Portsmouth on Monday and I play to wear my mask wherever I go.  I'm doing it to keep others safe, not necessarily because I think I wouldn't survive this thing.  In no way, however, do I want to contribute to someone else becoming sick.  I have no idea if I could infect someone else, so I don't want to take the chance.  All I know is, it'll be SO GREAT to actually eat with other people!


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