My friend and co-host, Aaron tells me that the number of people who died in Italy has gone from triple numbers to double.  Yesterday, only 99 people died, according to Aaron.  He kind of obsesses about how many people are hospitalized in each state, so today, I will have both the number of COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations in each state.  You're welcome, Aaron.

In NH, according to  Current hospitalizations:  109,  positive cases, 3,652

In Maine, according to, current hospitalizations, 223, positive cases, 1,713

In Massachusetts, according to, current hospitalizations is unavailable, however positive cases of COVID-19, 87,052.

With looking at these numbers every day, I do see a downward trend in the numbers in NH, Maine and Massachusetts, although we are very much still in it.

Yesterday, we got back to a little bit of "normalcy."  Restaurants were able to serve guests in an outdoor setting.  I was really excited about it, however, my sister, who worked in the restaurant industry her whole life, wasn't so much.  She thinks it is way too early to do so.  That gives me a bit of pause because she actually worked in the industry and knows the ins and outs, so, what does she know that I don't?

I saw some pictures on social media from people who went out to get a couple cocktails outside at their favorite restaurant and they looked very happy.  I did notice that the glasses were plastic and I think that's how everyone is going to have to do it.  All plastic and paper plates, just to be safe.  I'm looking forward to my first time back at one of my many favorite restaurants because... girl likes to eat.  :)

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