I initially chose this push up with my coaches at FBT in Brentwood because I thought I was 'declining' to do them, not actually 'declining' at a 45 degree angle. 

Believe it or not, the most difficult part of these is the courage it takes to put both legs up on the 'Smith Bar'. Once you make that commitment, the fear of a faceplant vanishes instantly.

You will notice that breathing becomes SLIGHTLY more difficult with your body weight being shifted against your lungs, DO NOT BE ALARMED BY THIS, it is normal.

And from a personal 'angle', I'd suggest tucking in your t-shirt as 'exposure' is another concern. My coaches and myself have named this process 'Urkeling' or 'Urkeling Up' in honor of the TV character seen below.

Please consult your Doctor or a certified athletic trainer before attempting any decline pushups.

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