Closed since the early 80s, prepare to get goose bumps at the sight of this incredible ski resort that has been forgotten on the Maine/New Hampshire border. 

Business comes and business goes but typically when you speak of ski resorts, there's always someone new who believes it can work. That's not the case for the Evergreen Valley Ski Resort, which stands deep in the woods of Stoneham, Maine, looking like the inspiration for next creepy Stephen King novel.

According to, the Evergreen Ski Resort was once a thriving business in the 1970s, offering multiple trails, nearby lodging, snowmobiling trails and more. In the summer, the resort offered a marina at Kezar lake, a nearby golf course and even held a highly attended folk festival. But all of that good feeling lasted less than a decade, and by 1982 the Evergreen Ski Resort was closed for good.

Since that closing, there have been multiple new owners and attempts to potentially reopen the resort with no success. Chair lifts were removed from the site early in the 90s and now what's left is an empty pool and a base lodge that would make horror movie junkies salivate.



As you can see in some of the photos shared from Conor's lost ski areas blog, the interior of the base lodge feels like a time machine. Teeming with spider webs and bad decorations, the Evergreen Ski Resort could be seen as a business opportunity or a place to lose your lunch.


The current owner of the property has posted multiple no trespassing signs in and around the property so please be advised. The video below, shared by MotoOutdoors via YouTube, outlines the exterior of the defunct property during a hike to the area.