Well, the Deflategate hearing for today is over and there has been no decision made by Judge Richard M. Berman.

The public portion of the hearing ended at 12:45PM. Both sides met with the judge privately before the hearing.

A second day of hearings is scheduled for next Wednesday unless a settlement is reached before then.

Judge Berman has been asked by both sides to have a decision by September 4th.

Judge Berman grilled the NFL for direct evidence linking Brady to the deflation of footballs and questioned the independence of the Wells Report. He also unleashed this gem:

Turns out Mr. Brady did better with higher inflated balls than underinflated balls. You might say he got no competitive advantage.


So deflategate goes on. Pats season opener is September 10th and it is being reported that Brady will likely miss tomorrow night's preseason game against Green Bay.